Ze Shan capital is a in the China Securities Industry Association Foundation for the record, has issued by the China Securities Industry Association fund private equity investment management qualification of professional organizations, headquartered in the Yangtze River economic belt center of Wuhan City, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other major cities are equipped with business representatives.

Ze Shan capital the biggest advantage is main partner from Jiuding investment, before the sea venture capital institutions, banks and other professional institutions, from building a solid investment research ability of, fully tap the good investment opportunities and projects, at the same time, the company and the domestic hundreds of front-line agencies have direct channels or partnership, with extensive channel resources obtained from many front-line agencies good investment opportunities or project, the company of investment institutions is good or bad, and the project is good or bad with professional judgment ability, through professional judgment selection of good investment opportunities.

In the investment strategy, the first control risk, revenue second, mainly to take FOF, with investment and focus on the area of equity investment and focus on mergers and acquisitions.

In the investment stage, the company focused on A round and A round of investment opportunities in the future.

Industry focus on health care, large consumption, intelligent manufacturing and other fields.

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