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Executive: Partner

Job responsibilities:

1, in accordance with the board of directors of the company will be the overall decision, is responsible for the fund's fund-raising, investment, investment management and quit working; properly maintained investor relations, to ensure the quality of the investment project, endeavor to improve the return on investment, the overall project risk control;

2, the development of the company's internal management institutions to set up programs and to develop the company's basic management system;

3, responsible for the daily management of the company's internal business promotion and business personnel daily management.

The specific description of the qualifications:

1, bachelor degree or above, major in university;

2, master the operation of private equity funds, private equity industry to understand the relevant laws and regulations;

3, a large number of raise, investment, management, retirement environment project operation experience;

4, the financial industry's wealth of connections, private equity industry successful investment case:

5, good management ability, project operation ability and fund-raising ability

6, proficient in PPT text production.

Investment Director / Senior Investment Manager / Investment Manager / Analyst

Job responsibilities:

1, looking for investment opportunities, screening investment opportunities;

2, project due diligence, project investment analysis;

3, project investment negotiations and investment management.

Job requirements:

1. Master degree or above in economics, finance, finance, finance, biology, medicine, machinery, computer and so on;

2, familiar with the industry and the company's research framework, participate in or lead the project due diligence;

3, in investment banking, consulting institutions, PE institutions or with industry background companies engaged in investment workers priority;

4, enterprise merger and acquisition work experience is preferred;

5, there are major research institutions engaged in industry research work experience is preferred;

6, with financial, financial, legal aspects of the composite background is preferred;

7, proficient in PPT text production.

Finance department: Product Director / Product Manager

Job responsibilities:

1, according to the investment needs of R & D, design of private equity fund product architecture;

2, the development of investment institutions and high net worth individuals and other financial customers, to provide professional investment consultancy services; responsible for customer relationship management, the implementation of customer service.

Job requirements:

5, more than 1 years of relevant working experience in the field of economic;

2, key institutions of higher education, financial, economic, MBA and other related professional priority;

3, a private banking, brokerage sales and trading department customer development and service experience, all kinds of listed intermediary business experience is preferred;

4, good government resources, customer resources, rich sales experience and market development experience is preferred.

5, proficient in PPT text production.

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